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Hi everyone ,
I m starting a new unit  about sport.I really need two things:
1-Drugs in sports.Stories about famous sportsmen or women who ended up doing drugs and killed their chance in playing sport again. 
2-Succesful stories about athletes who were dedicated and committed to their  game.
and please could  you give Smile sugestions of materials that can motivate and interset them .I am teaching young girls in  secondary school, but their English is not that good.
Thanks in advane

26 May 2010      


hi, if u are looking for stories about footballers who were caught using drugs u can search for Maradona s story, from Argentina. he was caught in a World Cup using them and the whole team had to abandone the competition... i guess it was in 98 ... hope it is useful... u can search for more complete information on the net... kisses

26 May 2010     


Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of any good sites I can dowload free short videos for
young students.  For example Prj and ajs?  I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance

26 May 2010     


You ca just google the subject " Drugs and sport" or "athletes and drugs". You will find lots of things. Here is just one page.

26 May 2010     

United Kingdom

You will find some sports related lessons here but I am not sure whether the level is suitable for your students.

26 May 2010     


Thanks for helping .

27 May 2010