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Help me please!


Help me please!
Help me with this sentence
He is the tallest person in my class --> Noone in my class is as tall as him OR Noone in my class is taller than him. I am not sure about the second sentence. I wonder whether i can use comparative form to rewrite. Thanks in advance

28 May 2010      


Yes you can use the comparative form:
He is the tallest person in my class.
No-one in my class is as tall as him
No-one in the class is taller than him / he is.
Although we usually use taller than him when speaking informally, the correct form is taller than he ( is tall).
It depends whether īthanī is acting as a conjuncion or a preposition and this particular argument about English usage has been going on for years.
An explanation is given here:
So remember, than he and than him are both defensible, but not all grammar mavens feel this way. Therefore, I would avoid the prepositional use in formal settings, such as a research paper or job interview—and I would argue, advertising, but Cadbury obviously feels otherwise. The usage note in The American Heritage Dictionary (4) agrees: “The writer who risks a sentence like Mary is taller than him in formal writing must be prepared to defend the usage against objections of critics.” Unfortunately, defending your grammar during an interview is not the best way to make a good impression.

28 May 2010     


hi there, I donīt know what to  do . mY PROBLEM is tht  I CANīT  SEND ANY PRINTABLE. for more than a month an I donīt know what have happened. Plea can you tell what can I do, cause I have five workshet That I want to uplload to this wed site.  Thanks a lot fo your help

29 May 2010