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Help with a sentence


Help with a sentence
Hi dear ESLprintables friends!
I need your help with the following sentence:

Traditional Prescriptive grammar is based on literary works of highly reputed authors. 

Does it sound OK??

Thanks for your help!

28 May 2010      


Wouldn ´t it sound better if you use "by" instead of "of" ?

28 May 2010     

United Kingdom


 For a kick-off, I ´d say that it ´s not a collocation I would use. I would suggest highly respected or, if you must use repute,  then I ´d suggest ´authors of high repute ´ (a bit dated) or ´reputable authors ´ (I have to say, though, that some of my favourite authors are thoroughly disreputable).

Whatever term you use, however, bear in mind that ´traditional prescriptive grammarians ´ tend to base their ´rules ´ on whatever author or corpus that seems to support their peevish notions. 

In my opinion.

28 May 2010     


I ´m not a native speaker but I think reputed is "thought to be"and can be positive or negative, while reputable is positive; it sounds ok to me and the collocation is registered in the oxford collocations dictionary  http://www.lixiaolai.com/ocd

28 May 2010     


I think the sentence is ok!
"works of highly reputed authors."  is a  compound noun, so "of" is necessary according to the English Grammar. And the word of "reputed" is also an adjective.

28 May 2010     


Thanks everybody for your answers! It sounded to me a little "bookish" so to say...
Alex, I agree with you on your view of prescriptive grammar... I was thinking of saying "highly reputed authors" between inverted commas!
Thanks again!

28 May 2010     


Traditional Prescriptive grammar is based on literary works of highly reputed authors. 
As a native speaker I would write: I prefer number 1
1. Traditional Prescriptive grammar is based on the literary works of highly reputed authors. 
2. Traditional Prescriptive grammar is based on literary works by highly reputed authors. 

29 May 2010