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Ebony and Ivory


Ebony and Ivory
Hi dear friends
I īm so happy to greet you once again here, asking you for ideas to present this song: Ebony & Ivory. This will be sung for father īs day this saturday, my ss from 6th grade primary level sing it well, I don īt have any problem with the pronunciation as you know it isn īt really difficult. Their fathers love this song
What i want to know is
How can they perform it? What can they wear? Can they wear anything special? I was thinking about black and white clothes, What do you think??? Is it a good idea?? What else can they do??
Please I īm in a hurry..Saturday is coming soon.
If you have ideas, let me know ok
Thanks a bunch for your nice help
Regards and good luck

13 Jun 2010      


If you īre pressed for time, it wouldn īt be worth trying anything too complicated. Why not have some dressed in white, others in black and arranged like the keys of a piano. Students at the front would all be in white then behind them, slightly higher students in black, arranged in three then two - I don īt know how many students you have but you could just repeat the pattern. It īs simple, but it would look good!

13 Jun 2010