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Word Order


Word Order
Hello dear colleagues,

I need your help and the point is, I īm working at the moment with the grammar topic - word order: adjective + noun. According to the rule opinion adjectives (nice, beautiful) go before fact adjectives (sunny, hot, young) and there is a certain word order for fact adjectives: size-age-shape-colour-from where- made of.
I have a problem with one word combination

a cold day (rainy)

I īve placed the adj. like this - a cold rainy day  ,

these are 2 fact adj. , but according to the rule of word order for fact adj. there is no explanation why these 2 adj. should be placed like this or the other way.

I would grateful if you can help me to explain word order in this word combination.

Thanks in advance!

14 Jun 2010      


Katiana has a really nice ws on that. 

14 Jun 2010     

United Kingdom

What an interesting question, something I īve never thought about before.

Well, I did some digging and I found that apparently adjectives for temperature precede those concerning humidity!


And then halfway down is a long list of the order of attributive adjectives.

Best wishes

La Colibrita

14 Jun 2010     


Thank you colibrita!

14 Jun 2010     


Colibritaīs link is very useful indeed, but about cold and rainy, i would just explain it this way...
What is cold for me here (in Jerusalem) isn īt what my parents in Holland consider cold....
īcold ī is subjective so i would put it in front of rainy...........

14 Jun 2010     


Thanks a lot colibrita!!! The link is amazing!!! You īve helped me a lot with this puzzling question!

14 Jun 2010     

United States

To me it would sound more natural to say, "It was a cold and rainy day."

14 Jun 2010     


Should we use "and" to join the adjectives before the noun?

14 Jun 2010     

United States

You can use "and" if you want to.
Some people might say, "It was a cold, rainy day," and others might say, "It was a cold and rainy day."
Either way is fine.

15 Jun 2010