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Hi there, I ´m a newbie with a few questions. I have a 10 page game I want to upload - do I send it at one time (as one worksheet) or as ten worksheets? Also a little concerned about my clipart. Can someone explain what is clipart with watermarks? I ´ve never come across the term before. How can I know if the clipart has ´watermark ´? Thanks.... Jill

17 Jun 2010      


Hi Friedfam and welcome to the site,
I hope you come to like it here as much as we all doBig smile.
In answer to your questions,
We should send activities in as few documents as possible. As you probably know, there is a 500kb limit on word files and a 2MB one on powerpoints. If your document is less than the limit (you can check by looking in file - properties - size) then you should send it as one document. If it is bigger you will need to work to reduce it - the most common way is by reducing image size (if you need help askagain on the forum or PM me) and send it in as few documents as possible.
As to watermarked clipmarks, they are the ones with a kind of translucent image or site name superimposed on them, like this:
Hope that answers your questions.
Have a great day and see you around.

17 Jun 2010     


If you right click then choose compress picture, and compress all pictures, the document should fit very nicely under 500kb:)

17 Jun 2010