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Hey everyone:
I teach University students in China and have for the past 4 years.  I sometimes find it hard to find lessons plans or worksheets that are based mainly on speaking skills and that would appeal to adults.  My students are not into games really.  I am wondering if maybe there could be a search engine on here for something other than 14+.  Maybe like an age group that we could post our printables that had a University option on it.  (like primary, middle, high school, senior high school, University, adult learners)  My students are adults and are looking to speak and practice their English.  I love this website and since I found it a year ago I have found countless great worksheets and ideas.  No complaints here, just an idea for those of us on here that dont teach ages 5-18 and want to be able to search the countless old printables that are just waiting to be downloaded.

25 Nov 2008      


good point, Inm in the same situation, but I teach in a company, all the students are adult. I find that controversial or interesting topics in youtube gets them speaking.

25 Nov 2008     

Helen McK

Re. message posted by Fletch regarding adult learners. 


I think your suggestion is a very good one.  I too work exclusively with adults and would find it helpful if an adult category were added to the existing list. Like you though, I think this site is just fantastic and Im quite happy to do that extra bit of searching to find what I need. The worksheets that Ive uploaded were designed specifically for adults.  Maybe you could use them with your students. 


Bye for now.Smile


25 Nov 2008     

Delphine 05

Its a very good idea. I teach both young pupils and adults.
In this site there are many perfect worksheets. Im very grateful to you all for being so creative.

But sometimes its very difficult to find worksheets for adult learners. (I know there are many but it takes too much time to search for them among "old" printables) 

If there is an "adult learners" part maybe it would be easier for people who are searching for this specific content.



25 Nov 2008     

New Zealand

An excellent idea.  I have often wished that I could search for material aimed only at adults.  Unfortuanetly many people just put 3 - 14+ on all of their worksheets making age specific searches less than useless! 
There is a business section that you can go into on the main page I would like to see high school or university options.  I would also like to see the age specific options to be changed to categories so that you have to choose the most appropriate rather than being able to choose the whole range.
Not complaining Victor - just a suggestion.  I love this site to much to complain (often) hehehe.
How about two boxes where you have to select from drop down menus:
Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced (like you have now)  and then
Age: Preschool, Primary, middle school, high school, university, adult
The current printables could be placed in an unidentified group so they do not interfere with age related searches.  I would be happy to go into my printables and change the age range so that it would show up in a search for other people looking at historical worksheets.
An idea - because we know Victor loves more work being thrown at him - sorry Victor....

25 Nov 2008     


I love your idea!! In january, Im going to start working as an ESP teacher in a public university and Im also looking for ideas, material .......................GOOD FOR YOU!!!

25 Nov 2008