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ESL forum > Teaching material > What book do you use for intermediate and pre- intermediate ADULTS?    

What book do you use for intermediate and pre- intermediate ADULTS?


What book do you use for intermediate and pre- intermediate ADULTS?
Hi dear colleagues:

I use Cutting Edge with my adult students, and I like it, as it is modern and the contents are well organized. 
But, could you tell me which other book you use for adults, with up-to-date format and interesting layout? I need to combine 2 books.
Thanks in advance!


27 Jun 2010      

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Hi Eleonora! Haven īt seen you on skype for a long while.
I use New English file, it has proved very reliable and complete. This month I īve been trying out Total English intermediate...well, I īd say NEF is still better. Total English Intermediate offers good vocabulary, though, but grammar will have to be taken from other resources because there is just not enough practice. I īm using this book only this summer, and can īt wait to start NEF in September. So, my recommendation is New English File.

Have a good day,
Kate (Katya) 

27 Jun 2010     


Hi Eleonora! In my opinion NEW HEADWAY works very well with adults too.
Good luck today!!!!!!! A hug

27 Jun 2010     


HI Kate ! I haven īt seen YOU either ! HOpe u r ok!
I agree with you, New English File by Oxford is very good, I īve used it for 2 years now and sts really like it !
Good luck today ·Eleonora !

27 Jun 2010     


Hello, Eleonora,
I know this is not what you want but since you teach adults you may find smth useful there

27 Jun 2010     


I īve used New Interchange.   If your looking for a book that focuses on speaking and listening this would be useful because emphasis is placed on  communication.   It contains explainations on grammar and exercises, but I find the grammar exercises will have to be taken from another book, because this book just doesn īt have enough exercises.

27 Jun 2010     

Lina Ladybird

My adults loved face2face from CUP (Cambridge University Press)!!
I hope this series is available in your country.

27 Jun 2010     


I like Cutting Edge a lot, but I īd have to agree with a lot of people above and say New English File is the best series of books around for adults. It balances the skills while providing real life English for a variety of situations.

Otherwise I also think New Headway is pretty good!


27 Jun 2010     


Thank you ALL for your opinion on books choice! helpful =)

Hi Katya, I ve been very busy lately and with some family issues. See you soon on Skype!

28 Jun 2010