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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Too many uploads?    

Too many uploads?

Anna P

Too many uploads?

Is it my impression or are we really seeing more and more new arrivals every day?  I am relatively new in this site, as this is just my fourth month here, but I don’t think we had so many new worksheets in the recent past.  Today it took me more than one hour just to glance at the various worksheets!  And I said ‘glance’, not ‘examine’ – I must have missed lots of useful worksheets.  The result of this abundance is that, by the end of the day, many uploads get very little or even no points at all! So many teachers put great effort into producing their worksheet only to see that it didn’t please anyone! 

What can we do about that?  My only idea is to think twice before uploading. Is it really a valuable contribution? Would it interest a lot of teachers? If not, let’s not sent it!  What do you think?

                                                          Thanks for the animation, Victoria.  It is really eye-catching!

26 Nov 2008      


It does seem to be getting to a point where something should be change, but I don´t know how you could change the system? And the amount of work that would be required for Victor would be fairly large. What to do?Confused

26 Nov 2008     

Mariethe House

thank you for downloading my worksheet: that´s very kind of you!

I see your point but maybe, the sysstem encourages it.

Idon´t think you can avoid it! There is noone in charge of ´quality´ ! Maybe you can suggest it!I thought Victor had a

 look at the new worksheets before they are offered to the ´Public´. can he refuse some? Has he ever refused any?

Maybe if we want to get downloaded, we can advertise our ws on the forum .... I see some people do it. Why not?

So far, I have a few points and I didn´t have to ask anyone to help but I will do when necessary.

Have a nice day. Marie

26 Nov 2008