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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Anagrams from a list of vocabulary    

Anagrams from a list of vocabulary

Czech Republic

Anagrams from a list of vocabulary
Does anybody know a website/software where I can insert a list of many words to make jumbled words?
I have seen macros, websites and software programs for ONE PHRASE only...
This way is not very useful for me because it would take me a looong time...
I need to insert about 50-100 words and the result would be a list of 50-100 jumbled words...

I would like to insert something like this:

The result would be a list of nonsense jumbled words:

Do you use a software / website which manages to work with lists of words = batch converter? Something similar to the Google "Translator"
Thanks in advance !!!

29 Jun 2010      


Maybe this site helps, you can scramble 10 words at a time:

29 Jun 2010     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot, Zailda. It īs a good website, but still I have to rewrite all the words one after another in separated textboxes... I wonder if there is a website where I can copy the whole list (ctrl+C, ctrl+V) into a single textbox and then scrable them...

There are few crossword creator programmes which work with complete text files, lists of words, software able to import txt file and convert txt file into a new type suitable for the software...

I think it should be possible to use the complete lists of words to be scrabled fast...

29 Jun 2010     

Czech Republic

I think I have found it ! Thanks to Zailda īs keyword "scramble"
As far as I can see, I can insert any list of vocabulary, no matter how long it is....
The scrabled words list is editable, so I suppose I can get rid of the unnecessary lines or fonts in MS Word...
Seems good to me...
another website, uses imported txt files...

29 Jun 2010