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scrapbook ideas


scrapbook ideas
hi friends:

im making a scrapbook  with my kids.  the idea is to cut and paste things and write some information too, personal information, holidays. best friend and more.
cold you give me more ideas for it please?( it`s their second year at english )
thank you so much  Tongue

30 Jun 2010      


favourite TV or movie characteres? They can describe I say whatever they want about them EG. What they usually do if they know the present simple tense, or whay they like them to use some ajectives.
old photographs? Maybe a picture of themselves when they were one or two years old. They can describe themselves and say what they like doing back then
I hope you find these iseas useful!
Love from Argentina

30 Jun 2010     


maybe favourite characteres froms disney stories?
for example you can use toy story
there you can use the characteres like woody and buzz (who are best friends)
what they like to do (ride a horse.. fly a spaceship)
you can describe their clothes and physical appearance
and then you can use that as a model for them to write about themselves
Kisses! And good luck!  =)

30 Jun 2010     


Foods - likes/ dislikes
Sports activities / hobbies
Places they have been or would like to go. (Can include local places or distant cities/countries, zoos, museums, rock concerts.....etc)
Favourite season - activity, clothing needed
Transport- How they have travelled/ How they would like to travel

30 Jun 2010     


thanks for all 
you have great ideas Tongue

30 Jun 2010