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ESL forum > Ask for help > How do you say it in English?    

How do you say it in English?

[email protected]

How do you say it in English?
My mate is fond of marrying.He is going to celebrate his fourth marriage.I want to send him a letter to congratulate him but i don īt know the English word that fits him.(a man who enjoys changing wives )

3 Jul 2010      


Sylvie!!! LOL

How about (and I must thank my boyfriend for this one) a "serial monogamist" - though I personally think he is an eternal optimist!! LOL

3 Jul 2010     


Sorry Akram & Zora,
Deleted my post. Sylvie

3 Jul 2010     

United States

Lots of words come to mind, none publishable here.LOL

3 Jul 2010     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation


3 Jul 2010     


Akram, do you know this sitcom "Friends"? Ross, one of the characters, got married AND divorced three times. I don īt remember if they use a special word for him, but they say that his "thing" is to get married. If I īm not wrong, it happens in the 8th season. You can take a look at the site below and check this out.
Good luck!

3 Jul 2010