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I need some pieces of advice!


I need some pieces of advice!
Hello Everyone! How are you? I need some help. I īm preparing a worksheet but I have problems with the pictures. Does anyone know what computer programme can I use to cut the figure of a picture? That is, the the whole picture has a square shape and I only need the figure within the whole picture. How can I cut it? Thanks in advance

3 Jul 2010      

United States

Hey Josek..Try opening the picture with Paint. Once it īs opened you can crop it using the select tool (it looks like a dashed rectangle). Select the area you want copy it open Paint again and paste it. Hope this helps. Ed

3 Jul 2010     


Hi josek,
This is a tricky one!

I know Photoshop has this function (irregular crop) but you can also try Paint. There is an option Free-form select. This might work for you.

Good luck!

Edit: It looks like I and Ed were writing at the same time! Big smile

Here is one more tip http://ezinearticles.com/?PowerPoint-Tip---Crop-Around-An-Image&id=684256

3 Jul 2010     


You can crop pics in Paint, IrfanView, Windows Picture Viewer and even once you īve inserted it into a word document. You have to use your mouse, mark the picture, click on the crop button and then just move the markers to the desired point. Try it, don īt worry - there īs always undo if you īre not happy with it, just don īt save too soon.

3 Jul 2010     


Hi Josek,
thereīs some free software that might help: photofiltre (you can download it free at http://photofiltre.free.fr/frames_en.htm).
If you need to get rid of background, you can make it transparent. Do the following:
Open your picture (or copy and paste: paste as a new picture by pressing Ctrl-Shift-V)
Select "Index"-"Mode"-"Indexed color" - 256 color - OK.
select "Index"-"Transparent color" - the standard color thatīs made transparent is white; if you want a different color, paint the background first using a color that doesnīt appear in the rest of the picture. Works great with clipart to get rid of white background. The downside: all white spots are made transparent, so to avoid transparent eyes etc. you could change the color of the white spots first by using the paint-function, this color will be the color thatīs gone later.
I hope this is not too confusing ;)!!!
If you need more help, contact me!
All the best,
Elisabeth from Austria.
PS: Itīs also very easy to get a rectangular crop of your image: just mark the area you want to cut - right mouseclick-crop. Cheers :)!

4 Jul 2010