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Plural - equipment


Plural - equipment

Hello, all!

My student asked me today about the word "equipment". He told he īd seen somewhere that this word does not go to plural, but I īm sure I īve seen "equipments" in a lot of places.
Do you know any explanation about that? Maybe an exception...
Thanks a lot, guys!

4 Jul 2010      



a complicated word !!!!

The noun "equipment" is called a collective noun. Collective nouns are nouns that refer to a group of people, animal, plants or things but are plural in form. Both a singular verb and a plural verb can be used after a collective noun. A singular verb is chosen if the user thinks of the group as a single unit and a plural verb if the user thinks of the group as a number of individuals.

More often "equipment" is used as a single unit, so a singular verb is used.

correct: the following equipment is, was, isn īt, wasn īt
incorrect: the following equipment are, aren īt, don īt,

so, equipment is a singular word!!!

4 Jul 2010     

Russian Federation

According to http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/equipment the word equipment is uncountable or singular. If you google the word EQUIPMENTS in the uk zone, you will not find it. So, I think it īs a mistake non-native speakers make.

4 Jul 2010     


absolutely yes, a mistake made by non-native speakers

4 Jul 2010