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Need help with a topic


Need help with a topic
Hello dear collegues! Hope you re having a nice day...
You know, i finished my degree last year so i decided to continue with the next step, which will be the master s in Applied Liguistics... The University hasn t accepted me yet... this week i m taking course to see what it will be about. Today we were asked to choose a topic for our thesis, i know this is something that will defenitevely count to see if we have a place or not... That s why i m asking for your help... what do you think will be worthy of study... I know there are plenty of topics regarding language teaching, it s just that i can t think of one right now Ermm. So... what do you think? Thanks in advance

6 Jul 2010      


Well done! I always support people who want to advance in their chosen field! I sincerely hope you will get accepted. As far as your question goes and to the best of my knowledge, Applied Linguistics is such a varied field, there are so many fields that unless you tel us what it is you would like to do, there s no way to help you. I mean the fields vary from pedagogy to second language aquisition and lexicography to name but a few. What would you like to do? 

7 Jul 2010     

United Kingdom


I did a similar thing some years ago which examined the political and institutional factors in bilingual education (in an essentially monolingual, officially multicultural country) and looked at the implications of this for the teaching and learning of a second or additional language.

It s a particularly fascinating area when you compare official policy on language education with what is actually happening on the ground in terms of curriculum design and implementation.

You might also bring in ideas on the role of discourse technologies in language education provision today and how this might affect the nature of current TESOL practices globally.

I hope I ve given you some ideas. All the best, whatever.


7 Jul 2010     


Congratulations Cris! That s a great step you are about to take!
I agree with Viccxx, it s very difficult to suggest a topic if we don t know what areas of Applied Linguistics you are interested in or what resources and materials you can count on.
It s also hard to choose the topic before doing the course because I believe that as you study you will find topics you would like to learn more about.
What I can tell you, though, is what I did for my thesis. My thesis was about Biliteracy in the EFL classroom and the questions that guided the research were the following:

What can be learned about English-Spanish biliteracy development among students in a classroom context? How do children become biliterate in this setting? What do learners do when reading in L2? Which skills and abilities are transferred from L1 and which ones need to be taught?

I hope this helps.
A good idea would be to start reading theses and research papers or articles about topics that might interest you...It s hard to get inspired out of the blue. Read and research as much as you can and I m sure you ll come up with something.
The best of lucks!

7 Jul 2010