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exercise help


exercise help
1. ____ my question before you ___ to bed?
a)Will you answer/go
b)Are you answering/go

Could you explain me why "a" is wrong?!?

2.I d rather ____ a new car last year but we couldn t afford ___ and____ our holiday abroad.
a)bought/changing our car/spending
b)have bought/to change our car/to spend

I choose "b" but the right answer is "a"....
I know that after afford we use to inf. and not gerund...Also I think in this exercises the wish refers about a past moment not a present moment...I m wrong?!?

3. Apologize someone ON or FOR being late?!?

4. Our neighbour seems _____ his walls ever since I came back.
a)to have been drilling
b)have been drilling

5.___ the clothes off the line before it ___ to rain.
a)Youd better take/starts
b)I prefer you to take/starts               Are these both correct?

Thank you!!!

8 Jul 2010      


1. A )
2. B  ) You can t use a past tense with "would rather", you say afford "to"
3.  FOR
4. Our neighbour (no S) seems   A )
5. Only A ) is correct

8 Jul 2010     


I agree with aliciapc.
Have a nice Thursday

8 Jul 2010     


In my opinion in the first case both are correct. Perhaps are you answering is a better choice since you have already asked the person so her decision to answer or not won t be spontaneous, I also believe that the person here could be impatient so its a way of expressing that... but will you sounds better, doesnt it?
In the second case Im confused Embarrassed cause I agree with you, it refers to a past moment and would rather is followed by infinitive so the correct one is b.... I m not familiarize with the use of afford in a. I don t think is correct. By the way, there s a mistake in b, surely a tipping one, it should say to spend. 
Apologize for
Number 4 is a. Seems to
Finally in number 5 I believe both are correct, but a sounds more natural.
Hope it helps and that someone else can clarify number 2!

8 Jul 2010     

United States

I don t agree with lovemykids.

The first case can only be - WILL you  - the other makes no sense at all - at least to me it doesn t.

8 Jul 2010     


Well, you are a native speaker. You must be right... I thought that a was gramatically correct too. 

8 Jul 2010     

United States

I agree with libertybelle.
However, neither answer is correct in #2, because "to spent" is not correct. That should be "to spend".
In #3, it should be "apologize to someone for being late".

8 Jul 2010     


Hi Bruce! What s your opinion about the last one? Are both possible?

8 Jul 2010     


These are examples of yet more poor questions in ESL textbooks that contain several errors and penalise better students who are familiar with commonly used colloquial English!

1. a) is the most grammatically correct, but b) does make sense and reflects what a native speaker might say to emphasize impatience having already asked before.

2. b) is the nearest, as the first 2 options are correct, but the third option is wrong. Even though "afford" is always followed by the infinitive, when doubling up the second infinitive should be bare, i.e. we need to drop the "to":

"I d rather have bought a new car last year but we couldn t afford to change our car and spend our holiday abroad.

3. For

4. Seems to have been drilling

5. Only a) is correct. b) can be made to work, again to add emphasis by an impatient speaker by adding "would" so that it becomes:
"I would prefer you to take the clothes off the line before it rains" (stress on before)

8 Jul 2010     


These are my answers ! I hope it helps you!I solved it by guessing.Some sentences look strange. I will take a deeper look at then afterwards and try to write a more detailed post.



1) Letter A 
2) Letter A 
3) Acording to the OXFORD COLLOCATIONS DICTIONARY for is the right answer in this case.Take a look at the examples:
PREP. for She apologized for being late. | to He apologized to his colleagues.
4) Letter A 
5) Letter A 

8 Jul 2010     


ok i will tell you the whys


depends on what you are trying to ask.

if you WANT someone to answer your question, a) would be correct. if you are curious to know if someone is in the process of answering your question, b) would be correct.


i don t like either of the answers! :p:p

you can t say, "i d rather bought"

you d have to say "i d rather have bought"

3) for


yes, a. BUT, there is subject/verb disagreement in the question. it can only be "neighbors seem" or "neighbor seems," not "neighbors seems"


it s a). but b) sounds like a very spanish construction

8 Jul 2010     

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