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Crossword Puzzles


Crossword Puzzles
Hi Friends!
Can anyone recommend a REALLY good online crossword puzzle maker?  Preferably one that is free and doesn īt require me to register to a site or anything like that.
Any help very gratefully received.
Brian (Grammarman comic)

27 Jul 2010      

manonski (f)

I use this one. It īs free and does  not require registration:

27 Jul 2010     

Puerto Rico

http://www.eclipsecrossword.com/  is not online, but is free and is really good

27 Jul 2010     


check this site http://quickworksheets.net/

It is a worksheet generator (word puzzles and other interesting things).

It was sent by one of the members of ESLP but sorry I don īt remember the name Embarrassed because it was long ago.


27 Jul 2010     


I use the puzzlemaker that manonski suggested. It is quick, easy, perfect. The site gives you various options for vocabulary puzzles. You can īt save your lists, though, unless you do it on a separate document on your computer.

I had eclipse and removed it from my system again, found it too complicated, I was probably rushed or something Embarrassed and, as far as I remember, you couldnīt re-arrange the grid if it didnīt fit the space or shape you wanted it to fit, you had to save all the time in order to see what you get ...the other link requires a registration.


27 Jul 2010     


Thanks, everyone!

27 Jul 2010