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ESL forum > Ask for help > chants, songs????    

chants, songs????


chants, songs????
Hi teachers! How are you? I am not  sure how to ask what I want to know.
I am looking for songs or chants, or whatever they are called, to ask little children at kindergarten for silence.
I would also like to know a verse, a chant, to choose one student at random, but I don īt want to be the one making the decision. For example, I can sing or say .... bla bla bla bla bla pointing at each student and when the verse stops, the student I am pointing at is the one chosen!
I hope you understabd what I mean. There are many of these songs in Spanish, but I do not know them in English and I would love to use them at kindergarten.
Thanks in advance!
Have a wonderful day!

29 Jul 2010      


Hello, well, the only one I know is  1,2,3... silence, please!!

29 Jul 2010     

Russian Federation

Hell, Jor.

In īCookie and Friends A ī (Oxford) I remember was this chant:
Shh! Be quiet like a mouse,
 In a little tree house.
And for chosing a student I use numbers or colours chants from Get Ready (Oxford):
One, two, Red and Blue,
Up and down, Yellow and brown,
Bow to a queen, orange and green,
Look at a kite, Black and White.
And the second one:
One, two, Look at my shoe,
Three, four, Point to a door,
Five, six, Pick up sticks,
Seven, eight open a gate,
Nine, ten A yellow hen.
I hope it helps.
Best wishes,

29 Jul 2010     


One counting I always use is

One potatoe , two potatoes , three potatoes four , five potatoes , six potatoes , seven potatoes more!
Hope u like it ! ana

29 Jul 2010     


They are called counting-out rhymes. If you Google them, I guess, you`ll find a lot to choose from.

29 Jul 2010     

Cristina Ann
United States

Hi Jor,
Children use this rhyme to pick the person who is it.
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo, catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
To get the students to be quiet:
Tootsie roll, lolly-pop, We īve been talking, now let īs stop.
You could also do the clap game.  Where you clap five times in pattern and the children clap the last two back, like the way that you would knock on a door.

29 Jul 2010     


I use with young children (6-8) a chant. It goes like this:
Stop, stop, stop that train
Let īs be quiet again
Stop, stop, for you and me
One, two, three!!
We do it with hand movements to illustrate the words.
Hope it helps.

29 Jul 2010     

United States

Order in the court!
The monkey wants to speak.
Speak, monkey, speak.
The next one to speak is a monkey for a week.

29 Jul 2010     


When I taught in kindergarten, we sang a song:
Teacher - Ready, ready, ready. Are you ready?
and the kids would know to respond:
Ready, ready, ready.  Yes, we īre ready.

And... This one may be an Asian thing.
T: Attention!
St: Yes (Ma īam/Sir)! (stomping their feet at the same time)
T: Hands?!
St: Up! (putting their hands up)
T: Put them?!
St: Down! (putting their hands down)
T: Hands?!
St: Up!
T: Put them?!
St: Down!
T: Put your hands!?
St: Behind our backs!

It īs kind of military-ish but it did get them focused.

29 Jul 2010     


You can find a whole book "Songs and chants" by Macmillan ed. (if I īm not mistaken) on English tips http://englishtips.org/index.php?newsid=1150819841  it has audio too. I don īt know if it īs legal though.
P. S. A question to all: how do I post a working link without the address, just the word link for example?
Douglas, you rockSmile I havenīt heard this one before.

29 Jul 2010     


When I taught īlittlies ī a gazillion years ago I used to start singing the "Hands, shoulders, knees and toes" song and doing the actions. Pretty soon all the children would start imitating me and then I had control.
I think the words were:
Hands, shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.
Hands, shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.
And eyes and ears and face and nose
Hands, shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.
Cheers Joy

29 Jul 2010     

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