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Need Blog Ideas!


Need Blog Ideas!
Hi Everybody.  I have recently started a blog for EAL learners over at www.steppingstoneslearning.blogspot.comI would really like this to be a place that motivates students while giving them some great tips for language learning.  I would like any input or feedback you can give me and any ideas for articles would be great too.  (Also, if anybody would like to be a guest blogger on my blog, send me a message).  Thanks!

4 Aug 2010      

United Kingdom

Hi meeshlam,
On my site I have a page for idioms, a page explaining the differences between American English and British English, stories, poems and a school message board page. I got all the students to write a message in their own handwriting, scanned them all and posted them on the site. They loved to see their messages on the internet.
Good Luck!

4 Aug 2010     


Great blog, meeshlam.  I īve added a link to it on my blog as I think it would be really useful for teens and adults to have a look.
T :)

4 Aug 2010     


Hello, everybody!!!
I am looking for a blog where my students can chat to other students around the world.
They really want to do this. They want to write in English, meet someone who is learning English like them. They want to talk about their lives, their preferences and other things.
Do you know some site or Blog that I can do that??
Please, help me!
If someone have an ideia and want to talk to me, you can write me. This is my e-mail: [email protected]
Hugs for all 

5 Aug 2010