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maria da rosa

Please, could you tell me if it s right?
  Maria - first name
  Paola - first name
  Gomez- middle name
  Solano- last name

9 Aug 2010      


Hi Maria! Maria is first name, Paola middle name, Gomez is last name and Solano is last name too, but  at least in USA,  they don`t use your mother`s last name as Latin American people do... So for Example if someone from Mexico goes to USA and his name is Juan Jose Rodriguez Gomez... There,  he would be just Juan Jose Rodriguez. .... or Sometimes just Juan J. Rodriguez or even just Juan Rodriguez LOL

9 Aug 2010     


No. It should be:

i.e. Anne Tanya Brown

Anne - First name
Tanya - Middle name
Brown - Last name


if there is a wifes last name in there before marriage... it is called "Maiden name"


Anne Tanya Brown was called Anne Tanya Smith before she married Paul Brown, so her "Maiden name" is Smith.

9 Aug 2010     

Czech Republic

Hello Maria,
based on what I ve just read about names in your country - here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_name#Portuguese-speaking_countries , I d guess that Gomez might not be a middle name. It could rather go like this:
Maria - first name
Paola - first name
Gomez - last name (surname)
Solaro - last name (surname)
Don t know if this helps. The native speakers will be certainly right there, though. :-)

9 Aug 2010     


No, it should be:

Maria: First name
Paola: Middle name
Gomez: Last name, surname or family name.
As in latinamerica we have 2 last names we can say that Solano is the second Last name then

9 Aug 2010     


As Linda stated maiden name is name you were born with and not your married name.

The first name is the name your are given at birth, such as Ann, Paula, etc.
Middle name could be a second first name, such as Jean, Linda, etc.
Last name, surname is your family name, such as Smith, Jones etc.
A person could be called Anna Linda Jones, which would be  Anna first name, Linda middle name and  Jones last name.
On a passport your name may be Anna Smith Jones.  Anna being the first name, Smith being the maiden name and Jones being the last name.

9 Aug 2010     


Hi Tongue
I guess we have more names than everybody else, usually 2 first names and 3 or more last names or surnames.
It is usual for us to add 2 or more family names after the first name. Like me: Maria Manuela (first names) Gomes dos Santos Nunes (last names or family names: one from my mother s side and two from my father s side) ...lol.
Hope it helps Smile
Best wishes

9 Aug 2010     

maria da rosa


9 Aug 2010