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ESL forum > Ask for help > high or tall?    

high or tall?


high or tall?
which is the best way to explain young learners the difference between high and tall? I downloaded a worksheet I found here, but I don īt know how to explain this difference to elementary level students. I would appreciate your good pieces of advice... thanks!!!

9 Aug 2010      

United Kingdom

Hi Yams,
Tall=something projecting from the ground upwards (vertical size) = Tall building, Tall Man, Tall Girl
High= related to position(distance from the ground upwards) = high ceiling, high, aeroplane, high flyer, high jump
I hope this helps

9 Aug 2010     

United States

Another way of explaining the general rule franknbea noted is:  does part of the object you īre talking about touch the ground or not?

If part of it touches the ground, it īs tall.  (e.g. tall person, tall tree, tall building, tall ladder)

If no part of it touches the ground, it īs high.  (e.g. high ceiling, high window, the airplane is high in the sky, the highest rung on the ladder)

All of that is when we īre describing something as high/tall, low/short.  It gets a little trickier when you add talking about measurements.  (How tall is the person?  How high is the thing?)  You probably don īt need to go into that with young learners, though.

And like frankbea, I hope this is helpful.  Good luck!


9 Aug 2010     

Saudi Arabia

Nice explain

10 Aug 2010     


Thank you!!!good explanation and very useful for my kids!!!! thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Aug 2010