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ESL forum > Ask for help > What is this hobby called?    

What is this hobby called?

Saudi Arabia

What is this hobby called?
I know many hobbies like swimming , reading , writing ... etc.
If I like to look at pictures , natrual scene , different things but usually pictures in newspapers , websites, magazines...etc. , what is this hobby called?
Can we see it is looking ??

10 Aug 2010      


I don ´t think there is a name for this hobby.
You can ´t say ´I like looking ´ , you need to give more information. You can say:
I like looking at pictures.
I like looking at pictures of scenery.
If the pictures are photos:
I like looking at photos.
I like looking at scenic photography.

10 Aug 2010     


I like to observe.

10 Aug 2010     


But you can ´t say ´My hobby is observing ´
No-one would know what you meant.
You don ´t observe pictures in a magazine, you look at them, though you can observe small details in pictures, or you can observe a scientific experiment.
1. Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.
2. Watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively.  More »

10 Aug 2010     


Hi, What about browsing.  “A browser”. You can browse the web, or through newspapers and magazines.



10 Aug 2010     


IMHO, if it is a hobby then it is usually classified as reading.  So, if someone is listing their hobbies on their resume or an application form, for instance, they can write  "swimming , reading , writing and reading". 

The term "Reading" can cover a variety of forms of reading even though, when we say "reading", it is assumed to be fiction.

10 Aug 2010     


You can browse in shops too. It ´s a useful word but it doesn ´t explain what a person does as a hobby. You really need to include what is being browsed.
Another word to use instead of hobbies would be interests and that could cover looking at pictures.
You can say: My interests include books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet.
My hobbies are cooking and scuba diving and my other interests include books, mag.....etc.

10 Aug 2010