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I need some ideas.


I need some ideas.
Well, I teach English for 16 students( from 8 to 10) in a course and they love when I play games with them, specially games with movement or something to do on the floor. The problem is that I am tired of the games that I have played with them and Id like to know new ideas. Can you help me?



10 Aug 2010      

Russian Federation

A good game to practice numbers and great fun as well is "Points of Contact".
When we stand on the floor we have two pints of contact with it. Standing on one foot is one point of contact. So you give a number and Ss have to arrange as many points of contact as you require.
My Ss give up at 16 Smile.

10 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

Hi Flora,
Depending on the space you have available you can teach them to spell by using their bodies;
That can be quite fun and uses up a surprising amount of energy. Of course they would do this lying down so as not to injure themselves.
I hope this helps

10 Aug 2010     


Pantomime and guessing the action, the job, the sport that they are miming. I have some miming cards you could get.

Also, general revision as a competition...look at my Mikey the Mole printable ;o) You could make your own cards and revise whatever they know.

These things are hits with my students.

10 Aug 2010     

Czech Republic

Hi Flora,

my youngest kids love dramatisation. I use The New Chatterbox and in each unit there is a comic part telling a story. After working with the comic, I choose a piece of it, let the kids divide into groups of two or three and give them time to learn the text and the action.

Another activity they enjoy as a relaxation moment of the lesson is simple "find and touch" race. I say either a color (which is the best) or a classroom object and they have to find it and touch it as quickly as possible.

There are several songs we have learnt simple dancing to, again I use them when I see kids are tired and I need some short physical task to activate them again.

10 Aug 2010     


you might find this contribution useful ... best of luck


10 Aug 2010     

Mariethe House

Thanks jecika! Brilliant ws!

10 Aug 2010     


Great ideas!! Thanks, people.

10 Aug 2010     


I know how you feel because i have somekids and they love games, too. At this age, they already know to read, don t they? So maybe you can make a path game with pictures on the floor (animals, parts of body, everything.... The ones who got the answer right can go ahead one step and so on. Win who arrives first. My students love when i hide some questons or pictures under the chairs, in soe places they can find and answer.
I hope this help you!!!!

10 Aug 2010