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ESL forum > Ask for help > Position of adverbs for elementary students    

Position of adverbs for elementary students


Position of adverbs for elementary students
Dear Teachers,
How do you explain to your elementary students where the adverbs in a sentence go? The whole topic seems quite complicated, so I don īt know how to pare these complex rules down.
Thank you for your help!

10 Aug 2010      


I teach them SVOMPT: Subject - Verb - Object - Manner - Place - Time.

For elementary students that normally does it ;o)


10 Aug 2010     


Well, if itīs for elementary students, I would just tell them that "adverbs" come after the verb

He runs quickly.
She eats slowly.
They are talking quietly.
We are shouting loudly.
You study quietly.


10 Aug 2010     

Puerto Rico

armandina remember that the problem is that adverbs can be put anywhere in a sentence and they are going to find them anywhere while reading from stories. if you tell them that they are always after the verb then what will happen when the see them in front of it? will they be able to recognize them as adverbs?

 for example:
yesterday  i heard a noise.
i heard a noise yesterday.
when i am teaching them at elementary level, i try to emphasize not in where to put them but instead on how to use them to express something my students seem to undestand better that way.

10 Aug 2010     


Thank you all for your help!

10 Aug 2010