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dear fans


dear fans
I need chocolate. I think I have hay fever, or I īm allergic to my pizza. My eyes are burning. I shall now attempt to put the digital camera pieces in my computer. Hoping something positive  will happen.

15 Aug 2010      


What is cauffee?

15 Aug 2010     


I like you, Cauffee! I don īt agree with the ones who want to "throw you out". We teachers don īt throw a pupil out of our classroom just because he "disturbs" us, "bothers" us, "annoys" us, reminds us constantly how different and "impossible" he is from the rest of the kids...

I īm having a great holiday, away from daily contributions, reported contributions, complaints of boredom during the summer (My God!!!) fights, arguments and so on... So I just want to wish you a sweet day and hope for something positive in your life.

15 Aug 2010     


@ Cauffee: Maybe you were allergic to the wheat? You really better stop eating that stuff. ;-) Chocolate is so much nicer. BTW - another book tip: "Like water for hot chocolate" by Laura Esquivel. Might fit your mood. :-)

BTW Aimee - I agree. It īs generally agreed, that each group needs the "odd" or "different" person/people or even the role of the "scapegoat" to define itself. If one is cast off/out, another one has to be found. Since I have come to find Cauffee entertaining, I īd rather keep her/ him. ;-)
And there īs even a new term in English "cauffeepotting". I read that in the forum some days ago. :-)

15 Aug 2010     


I like Cauffee, I like chocolate and  I LOVE the summer holidays (never get bored, by the way! But, isnīt it great to have the time even for that or asking others about it???).

15 Aug 2010