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ESL forum > Ask for help > "it s me" or "it s i"    

"it s me" or "it s i"


"it s me" or "it s i"
can you help me answering this qustion(which is more correct "it s me" or "it s i"?and why?

15 Aug 2010      


welcome heba, i think it s i is more correct because I here comes as a subject by the way you can say
It s I who break the window?
Who breaks the window?
I break the window.
God knows better.

15 Aug 2010     

Puerto Rico

this is a case of a nominative predicate. so you have to use a subject pronoun  so  it is i is the only correct form and not the more correct.... it is me is completly incorrect

Pronouns in the Predicate Nominative

In standard written English, the personal pronouns in the predicate nominative are the same as they would be in the subject.

The nominative case follows a linking verb to rename the subject.

Incorrect: The winner was her. (Objective case)

Correct: The winner was she. (Nominative case)

She is a predicate nominative. It uses the same case as the subject since it simply renames the subject.

Even though we may often say, "Its me" the grammatically correct way is "Its I."

15 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom

In traditional grammar, it is I is considered to be the correct version since you would need a subject complement after the verb to be (the linking verb) BUT it s me is also considered to be grammatically acceptable nowadays (see Swan, for example) and, in fact, you re far more likely to hear this construction spoken than the more formal (and rather more pompous-sounding) it is I .

15 Aug 2010     


Sorry but you just won t hear "It s I" in Australia....... far too stuffy and toffee-nosed..correct though it might be!

15 Aug 2010