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ESL forum > Ask for help > Wire to Wire - Razorlight    

Wire to Wire - Razorlight


Wire to Wire - Razorlight
one of my students would like me to do a lesson about the song "Wire to Wire" by Razorlight.
I can translate the song, but I ´m not sure about the meaning of the title in the context of the song.
I found different meanings like:
- telegraph to telegraph
- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080320222134AA9vrGl (this link about sports)
- a discussion in the leo.org forum (especially the comments by dude and Lila): http://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread=681496&idForum=&lp=ende&lang=en

Does anybody here have an idea or an interpretation? I would like to include that in the lesson. :-)

Thanks for your help!
Hugs Mietz

15 Aug 2010      


I found this in the Urban dictionary...
Someone who led in a competition from start to finish
Aaron won the competition wire to wire.
When in a competitive event one person leads the competition from beginning to end.
Evildonut went wire to wire in his fantasy baseball league, never dropping out of first place.

15 Aug 2010     


also here...

(from) wire to wire

Informal from start to finish

15 Aug 2010     

United Kingdom


I have a feeling that it ´s an idiom taken from horse racing - rather than basketball - and means ´from start to finish ´. The finishing line is often referred to as ´the wire ´ (as in the horses were nose-to-nose right up to the wire) and, before the invention of the starting gate, horses would line up behind a spring-operated wire (sometimes known as a ´starting barrier ´).

I hope this gives you something to go on with.


15 Aug 2010     


Thank you!
"From start to finish". Hmmh. Rather interesting in the context of a love song.

I ´m open to any interpretations on that one. ;-)

Here are the lyrics BTW:


15 Aug 2010