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Go fish


Go fish

Well, inspired by some "go fish" (happy families) games, I am thinking about trying myself at making some as well. What I have been wondering, though, is this: Wouldn t this be a rather passive way of teaching? Wouldn t this be more like a learning toy for students private use?

Don t get me wrong, I am asking out of curiosity and, probably, ignorance. Curious to see what you have to say about your experiences with the game.


18 Aug 2010      


Hi Blunderbuster,
my view is that if the kids really get talking playing their games, its always worth the time. Just recently somebody posted links to me_figs printables, where I found lots of these games. I downloaded almost all of them because theyre a great way to drill questions and short answers, and at the same time they practise their vocabulary. Im curious myself to see how much time itll take to play these games - I guess it wont be so bad as soon as the kids are familiar with the rules.
Just my humble opinion ... ;)
Have a great day everybody,

18 Aug 2010     


As Elisabeth says the same goes for me: this is just my humble opinion, but:
I think some of the best classes are the ones where the teacher takes a more passive role (depending on the purpose of the class), as in my mind some of the best classes are when the students are completely active and involved as they are in these kinds of games.
Repeating the same structure over and over but never getting bored with it as it s in the context of a game - perfect for speaking practice for little ones, but as I said just in my humble opinion.
Anyway, if you do make any please do upload as I am always happy to have more of these kinds of activities.
Have a lovely day

18 Aug 2010