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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Game to practise countries and nationalities    

Game to practise countries and nationalities


Game to practise countries and nationalities
Hello dear all!!!
First of all I have to say thank you for all your worksheets, powerpoints, help and everything I īve found here!!! This site has changed my life!!!! THANK YOUUUUUU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

And my question today is, do you know any playground game to practise countries and nationalities? The level of the group is Elementary and they are between 11 and 13 years old.

Thanks in advance...


19 Aug 2010      

United Kingdom

Hi Yams
I play a countries game with my students. We call it parrots
each student picks a country name for themselves, they usually stand in a circle.
The first one(it can be anyone) says their contry name twice whilst clapping their hands.
and then calls the name of one of the others at random and it īs that person īs turn to repeat their name and then select somebody else.
example std1 is Spain std5 is China std7 is Bolivia   std 1 goes first claps his hands and says Spain, Spain, (points to std 5 and clapping his hands says China China) then std 5 goes and says China China (points to std 7 and says Bolivia Bolivia)
The idea is that they get faster and faster until someone makes a mistake, then that person is out. The game continues until there is only one person left who is the winner.
It works with nationalities too. And no materials are needed.
Sometimes a student will reverse the game and send it back to the last player, this happens when the student can īt think of any country except the last one or to try and catch the other player unawares.
Anyway, sorry for the long explanation. I hope you can use it.

20 Aug 2010     

teacher jessie

Mingle: you have cards with flags, 2 per country, give one card to each student. They have to go around the classroom asking and answering "Where are you from? or What nationality are you?" in order to find their match.

20 Aug 2010     


thank you for your ideas!!!
great games!!!
have a nice weekend!!

20 Aug 2010