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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Suggested activities to start a lesson (warmers)    

Suggested activities to start a lesson (warmers)


Suggested activities to start a lesson (warmers)
my next lesson will be a consolidation lesson
ss have to practice these structures
I/he/she/it was You/we/they were and Yes/ No questions Was...? Were....?and Short answers
The context I īm using is famous people in the past In particular, race car drivers : Ferrari, McLaren and others
(Students are 16 to 18 years old)
Thanks in advance

20 Aug 2010      


So, what do you need?

20 Aug 2010     

teacher jessie

A guessing game would be a good warmer. One student holds a picture of a famous person the others put questions in order to guess who he/she is (or was).

20 Aug 2010     


Hi Carinita,
Maybe you can do a speaking activity by using some activity cards.
Check these material, maybe you can find one that matches with
your students level:
Good luck!

20 Aug 2010     


Hi Carina, Have you thought of a trivia, guessing game related to the topic? ie. Interesting / unusual statistics related to the drivers, the cars and the teams. Or depending on there language level, you could use a multiple choice guessing game.


20 Aug 2010     


Aha! I think I īll start with a soccer game (I found it in eslhq.com) I īll have some question cards ready  Students will have to use short answers Yes, he was...No, he wasn īt ...etc Thanks!!!

20 Aug 2010