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reporting question


The wss you refer to seem to contain several mistakes - uncharacteristic for published books. Have they been adapted (not allowed) or made up from scratch with the ethereal book as an example?  

BTW, most if not all of this member´s uploaded wss are uneditable. He claims they are home-made, so saying they are scanned doesn´t seem to hold that much water. I just wish someone found the book - if it exists.

25 Aug 2010     


I was just taking a look at said worksheet and it contains a lot of errors... especially in the way that things are used or expressed. I doubt that it was taken from a book, there are just too many errors...

Also, I am of the mind that a proper source should be referred to when reporting something. You shouldn´t report "on a hunch" or that it "looks like it might be from a book" or that it "looks scanned"....  just think how you might feel if it happened to you, if your work was "unfairly reported" because somebody "thought it was taken from somewhere" but without proof....

25 Aug 2010     

Mouna mch

This is exactly what the Reported contributions’ section is about … there we can discuss and decide if it is an original creation or a “stolen” contribution.. And if the final vote says “it should stay” then it stays!!

I still cannot see a real harm here… personally I wont be offended if one of my WS was “unfairly” reported " since the reality will shine soon and it will reappear in the next day’s contributions..

And What if it was really stolen?!

I believe that there would be a greater harm in not reporting!!

So many people will start scanning things and definitely we cannot provide a proper source for each scanned WS..






25 Aug 2010     


I hope I am wrong, I want to be wrong and I will apologise dearly if i am proven wrong. That said please take in consideration that I was careful not to mention the name of the said worksheet or the person that posted it, as I do believe we should always give people the benefit of a doupt. I, for once, would rather believe in the good in all people until otherwise convinced.
There is however a link to download a copy of book very similar to the title of worksheet in several torrent sites, and the graphics that appear in the worksheet are the work of a very well known cartoonist, Even if they are not watermarked, they are certainly copywritted.
It is out of our hands now, the moderators will decide.

25 Aug 2010     


Personally, I stayed away from the forums for a while because of all the discussion about reported contributions. I would agree with both Philip and Linda here - an ´innocent until proven guilty ´ policy would be a lot better and engender a more positive feeling than reporting something on a hunch. I ´d go so far as to say I ´d be very happy never to see another post about reporting on these forums as I ´ve never seen it end in a positive way. Report if you ´re certain, if not don ´t report and leave it at that.


25 Aug 2010     


HI! only a question since I do not often participate in the forum but I always read and try to help-.--- is it possible to see the reported worksheets because I usually read about reported contributions but I do not know if you can see them and how to report them.... can you explain a  bit please?

have a great day!

25 Aug 2010     


Hi Morticia,
See :  Rules and instructions ( Top of the page) Scroll down to moderators & reporting page.Smile

25 Aug 2010     


Thanks! I have already read that, I thought there was a way of having access to the worksheets as they were talking about scanned sheets, I thought they have seen it Wacko
Thank u!

25 Aug 2010     

Czech Republic

Dear Mouna,
that ´s why I reported the ws. Because I was in contact with member who was almost sure she/he has known it from somewhere else. Funny, I don ´t make mistakes very often yet when I make some, so many people seems to be happy about it.Cry
That ´s why I am grateful for what you wrote about the moderating page. I wouldn ´t have reported if the reported contribs were removed automatically - but they are not, moderators are discussing about it and it will not be removed. Right now I feel like the only person here who has ever made a mistake.
Thank you very much, dear Mouna, for your words.Hug

25 Aug 2010     

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