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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > How can I find or create pictures for my Ws?    

How can I find or create pictures for my Ws?


How can I find or create pictures for my Ws?

For example ; I want to prepare a ws about prepositions.And i want to use such a picture that is completely related prepositions.. I mean in the room  there must be a table and a book on it. or there must be a ball under the chair:) how can i find such a picture..

Or pictures related past continuous..( what was happening pictures) ??? Am i clear? thank you !

2 Sep 2010      


Hi! It īs not that easy to find such pictures since almost all of them are from ESL sites and, as you know, we can īt use them in our worksheets. I īm afraid you īll have to do what most of us do - spend hours googling for them. Of course there is always the possibility of buying a clip art CD or subscribing to a site that offers the images you want. But as I īve said, such pictures are rare.
P.S. As for creating your own images, see the post below:

2 Sep 2010     


You can find similar things if you google images with messy room, full/crowded desk or stuff like that as key words... or you can set everything up on your desk, take a pic with your cam or cell phone and upload it to your pc, or draw what you need and scan or photograph...

2 Sep 2010