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Help about one of the rules


Help about one of the rules
"It is acceptable to take a text from other sources (not ESL websites or ESL books) and add your own exercises or activities, but you are not allowed to take an exercise from another source and add more exercises of your own. All the exercises must be yours."

My question is:
Why are there so many worksheets in this site with texts taken and/or adapted from ESL books ? Is it possible to use these texts with our own exercises? But the rule says No! Confused
Thank you!

8 Sep 2010      

Lina Ladybird

Hi, rodrioli!! :)
The rules were changed on February 18, 2010. From this date on we havenīt been allowed to use texts from other ESL resources anymore.
As far as I know, wss uploaded before the above-mentioned date shouldnīt be removed if the user has added some tasks of their own.
If the ws only consists of the copied text, Iīd report it though even if itīs an old ws, because we have never been allowed to use texts from ESL books or sites without adding our own exercises...
Hope it helps.
Have a nice evening - Silke

8 Sep 2010     


Members contributing here are either esl or efl teachers who work hard to produce material for their sts and share their work. One way of producing materials for esl classes is using authentic texts written by others. This means we use texts as raw materials to create our own tasks which meet our Sts language level  and design attractive worksheets to encourage sts to learn English and share them with other Teachers. One way of respecting others rights is to credit the text. Sometimes we can just mention this in the worksheet description or just leave it unmentioned specially if the contributor is not claiming that the authentic text is his/her except for the tasks.

8 Sep 2010