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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Why no pdf?    

Why no pdf?


Why no pdf?
Hello, I īm new to the site and I would like to know why pdf files are not accepted.  I īm not comfortable sending in word documents or power point presentations since they can be altered, and as far as I can see the point of all this is to share, but respect the work of others.  Another benefit that pdf files have is that they allow you to send larger images without using too much space.  Also, anyone can download Acrobat Reader for free and can open the files regardless of the version of Word or any other program used to create the worksheets.
Thank you

8 Sep 2010      

Catalina Sorina

Hello, Carmen, and welcome to the site!
You mentioned that you don īt feel confortable about worksheets and power point presentations being altered... well, that īs the whole point! We share here materials which can be adapted to the level/needs/skills of our students. I may need to use only 3 of the 4 exercises on a ws, for instance, because the 4th exercise is too difficult for my kids - so I make a copy of the ws, and replace the 4th exercise with a picture or something - and I print it the way I need it for my class - and still, I don īt change the original worksheet. But I wouldn īt be able to do this with a pdf - therefore that ws would be pretty useless for me.
Do you see my point?
I hope I could answer your question.
Take care,

8 Sep 2010     

Lina Ladybird

I agree with Catalina.

Most of us cannot edit PDF files according to our needs.

9 Sep 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Let me welcome you to this brilliant place.

Your question is easily answered - this is all about sharing. And I am one of the many who can say this, because most of my works are not editable, they are kind of PDF. īCause of size, only, ( well, īcause I īm a bit lazzy, too ), but I , and we all, here, always provide the possibily of sending, in private, the word doc or whatever.

Catalina has explained the whole stuff pretty well, and...this is the way we are, the way we all have agreed, try it , and you īll be one of us. This is a pretty, nice place, with hundreds of opportunities to share and to learn,

Be sure, I am right,


9 Sep 2010     


It īs easy for someone to go online, find a random .pdf document, download and save it with another name, then upload again to ESLPrintables, and claim the points for work that he/she did not create.

9 Sep 2010     


On another side note with regards to editing .pdf docs, newer versions of adobe reader allow you to save as a Word document OR select, copy, and paste the .pdf contents into Word.

9 Sep 2010     


Is your work so brilliant that it īll suit each member īs individual needs? I didn īt think so. That īs why the site let īs you upload doc and ppt files; they can be adapted to everyone īs needs.

9 Sep 2010     


I find that it is very important to be able to change worksheets to our needs.  Each teacher has his or her own way of teaching and sometimes changes have to be made to a worksheet to meet these needs.  I often changes things, sometimes it is not too much, but the change has to be made.  What would happen if there was a typo in the pdf file?  How would we be able to correct it?  Errors are sometimes made and  inadvertently missed.  This site is all about sharing and in time you will see that you may have to alter one of the worksheets that you have downloaded. 
Welcome to this site.  I am sure you will enjoy and benefit from it. 

9 Sep 2010     

Lina Ladybird

No matter how good a ws is, I always change something to make it fit my students ī needs. Every class is different!
BTW, I totally agree with Giovanni...

9 Sep 2010     



It is completely up to you if or to what extent you make your ws editable.
If they are non-editable, the search engine will not be able to search your content and may give you less downloads, though. Sharing is one thing, pleasing others is another and nobody should be blamed for uploading non-editable ws. There are some people who do not make their ws in Word and are highly successful here, and not all I do can be done in word yet, so the majority of my ws is non-editable. Non-editable ws can be edited easily by placing an auto shape on top of the image you want to edit.

Some other sites allow you to upload different types of documents, including docx and pdf.

Theft happens just as much with non-editable ws as with editable ones.

Learn from the people here, but do not bend so much around what others need that you might end up losing the fun in making materials.

Regards and good luck with sharing your files, no matter what you decide to do about the editability of your documents.

9 Sep 2010     


I nearly always change the worksheets because I take off the background because it īs to expensive printing it coloured and not so nice when in gray scale and many times the frames because for teens or adults they are not necessary.

9 Sep 2010     

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