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translation help


translation help

His low and seductive voice made her think of tangled sheets, champagne, and chocolate. Was

there a more enticing combination? Throw in a good-looking man…preferably dressed in nothing, with an eager-to-please attitude, and an evening couldn’t get much more perfect. Just not her evening.

“So if threats and heartfelt stories aren’t going to work, you’ll try seduction?” she asked.

He looked amused rather than embarrassed. “Will it work?”

“Not on me.”

“Too bad.”

A lesser man would have been rattled by being shot out of the water, she thought. But not Zach. Figures.


hi guys can you help me to understand the bopld part. tahanks in regards

9 Sep 2010      

United States

Help you?  ah...No I don ´t think so.

Don ´t you think everyone here is exceptionally busy trying to be:
the best teachers,
being inventive,
correcting homework,
planning for the next day,
making worksheets,
talking to parents,
helping students,
and whatever goes with the job -

to stop and help you with such time-wasting  BS that you post here?
Why don ´t you get a grip and stop wasting our time and board-space.

9 Sep 2010     


Not sure if I ´m doing the right thing here (apologies if I am not - my intentions are good)....
a lesser man - a more superficial man, with less virtues and character than Zach
rattled - worried, troubled, shaken (but not stirred)
shot out of the water - probably means seen for what he truly is, his secret intentions uncovered
But not Zach. Figures. - It figures=it ´s clear, it ´s understandable, he ´s just not the type....

9 Sep 2010     


Interesting ))) Do u want us to translate it from English into English???

9 Sep 2010     


Interesting ))) Do u want us to translate it from English into English???

9 Sep 2010