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Concerning reporting and changing the rules

Czech Republic

Concerning reporting and changing the rules

Hello, dear colleagues and friends,

in case I have time I try to search the contributions if there aren t stolen worksheets or copied exercises from other websites. From time to time it happens to me that I come across a member whose materials are not fully ok though they stayed unnoticed. I often tend to report them but a question has just come to my mind: Were the rules for the worksheets always the same? I mean, wasn t it allowed, say two years ago, to send a piece of work which was not original creation of the author? I found out that the rules have partially changed (as in the case of the watermarked clipart and that the older worksheets with watermarked pics are supposed to stay).

Now I hesitate about one ws from 2008 which is 100% copy (and the author also admits it) and I wonder whether I should report it.

Thanks, mish

10 Sep 2010      

United States

I don t think watermarked cliparts have ever been allowed. Images are watermarked especially to insure that people don t steal/use them.  It s a copyright thing and always has been.


10 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Dear mish,

copied (stolen) wss were never allowed.

Hugs, Michaela

10 Sep 2010     


Hi Mish,

But I think watermarked cliparts were allowed on the site before the new rules, even though actually it is against the copyright laws (maybe)

10 Sep 2010     

Russian Federation

Julia is right. The rule concerning watermarked clipart appeared about a half a year ago. But it was never allowed to publish here other people s wss. As far as I understand we should report only those wss containing watermarked clipart which were published after the new rules appeared. 

10 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Thank you all, especially you, MJ Misa.

The topic about watermarked clipart was in fact only an example of the way the rules were modified. The ws I am considering now doesn t contain any pics. It is a text quiz but taken from another ESL webpage. I guess I ve already decided. Thanks once more,

hugs, mish

10 Sep 2010