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Hello wonderful teachers,

Last class one of my students told me that someone had told her that when introducing another person using SHE IS instead of THIS IS was very rude.

According to her friend the use of SHE IS would refer to a not very decent girl.

I was very surprised and didn t know what to answer, I had never listen to such a strange connotation.

Does any of you know if this is true???

Thanks for your precious help!!!

11 Sep 2010      



in a party, i m introducing a friend to my boyfriend:
"this is Lisa, she s a lawyer." I would never say "she is Lisa" if Lisa is here.
if Lisa is far away: "that s Lisa." Again I wouldn t say "she is Lisa"
however, let s say Lisa and I start chatting and I forgot to introduce her, I think my boyfriend could say "she s your friend Lisa from college, right?" if he has recognised her from a picture and wants to tell me he knows her name...

do you see what I mean?

have a nice day!

11 Sep 2010     


I think what your friend was talking about is when someone appears who was being talked about before they arrived and someone blurts out "She s Lisa!" (in other words, that s the person I was telling you about). This could seem rude to Lisa since she would realize people were talking about her behind her back. On the other hand if the person who says it knows Lisa well and can explain that they were only saying good things about her then it should be okay. This is a very special, specific situation, however.

The correct way to introduce someone is with "This" and not an otherwise seemingly appropriate pronoun like "he" or "she". Saying "She is Lisa" in the context of a personal introduction would not seem rude to me, though I would notice the improper usage kind of like when my Chinese students say "Give you!" instead of "Here." I wouldn t find it rude at all unless it was a case of someone talking about another behind their back, like in the case above.

Hope that helps!

11 Sep 2010     

alien boy

There s also an interesting old(ish) saying... She s the cat s mother. . This was used often (by my mother) when reprimanding me for using she rather than the woman in question s name. Using the pronoun was considered less polite than using her name.

She s the cat s mother A rebuke
A rebuke to someone who refers to a woman as she instead of by her name, either formal or informal. The she in the phrase is the female of a cat, the male being a tom , and is not to be applied to a woman when you re in her company.


11 Sep 2010