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Vocational training


Vocational training
Hi everybody!
I just find out that the school where I ´ll be teaching this year has given me 2 classes of ´vocational training ´ (ensino profissional) - ´child support ´ (apoio à infância) and ´computer systems management ´ (gestão de sistemas informáticos) - 11th and 12th graders. As this is my first year with this kind of students and syllabuses, I ´d like to ask you, specially those who already have experience on this subject, what materials/ worksheets/books/games you usually use.
Thanks in advance!
I wish you all a great school year!!!

11 Sep 2010      


Olá Vera,

Eu já lecciono cursos profissionais há 8 anos. Têm uma componente lectiva diferente dos anos da escola pública. Agora está mais fácil porque a Porto Editora e a Areal já têm livros próprios para este tipo de ensino. Também vai ter níveis? Se precisar de alguma coisa posso ajudar.


Anabela Carneiro

11 Sep 2010     


Oh, come on people! It ´s not nice to use your mother tongue in an open international forum meant for English teachers! Many (not to say most) of us cannot understand what you ´re saying. How would it be like, if every body started posting in their own language? 
Κανείς δε θα καταλάβαινε τίποτα!  (which means we wouldn ´t understand each other in plain Greek WackoSmile ) 
Don ´t you think?

11 Sep 2010