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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > using a comic strip in a WS: is it against the rules?    

using a comic strip in a WS: is it against the rules?


using a comic strip in a WS: is it against the rules?
Hi all!

I made a WS yesterday which I used with my students today. Since it worked pretty well I thought I might as well share it with you here. There is a (possible) problem though: the reading part of the WS is 2 pages scanned from an Asterix comic, with the speech bubbles slightly changed to meet my students ī needs.  Of course that īs not all, I īve made my own vocabulary and grammar tasks related to the reading part. 

I wonder if that īs against copyright laws and the rules of the site. What do you think? Obviously part of the WS is taken from another source, obviously it īs copyrighted. On the other hand it īs something well known, which I īm not claiming as my  own and I īm not making a profit out of it (nor will be anyone from the people who might download it). And I īve added my own tasks. 

What do you think? If you think it īs ok, I īll go ahead and upload it one of these days. I wouldn īt ask in advance, but I īll go into some trouble to upload it here (compressing pictures, saving in different format etc)

Waiting for your answers!

14 Sep 2010      

United States

I īm sorry to say, but it sounds like there would be copyright problems.

14 Sep 2010     


The producers of Asterix are EXTREMELY strict where copyright issues are concerned. We īd better be careful here. 

14 Sep 2010     


Perma, I have an idea,

You could upload the ws with the comic strip, get your points, then you could update the ws without the comic strip and direct people to the online address where the strip can be found so people can get it themselves.

Most publishers allow you to use a certain amount of strips to use as long as you only use them within your classroom.

Calvin and Hobbes, however, MUSTN īT be used under any circumstances whatsoever.


14 Sep 2010     


Hi Perma,
I īve just been searching the publishers īcopyrights...I must say it īs not very clear...Here is what I found : You may use single pics for non-commercial use only , but you cannot use, upload nor alter whole pages from their comics. I agree with elderberrywine : I know they īre very strict. So, you īd better be carefulWink
Ps : I had the same idea a few years ago, & used their albums with my kids ( changing some speech bubbles...I would not upload it here, but it īs just MHO ;o))

14 Sep 2010     


thanks for all your answers!
pity, but it seems it isnīt a good idea to upload them here after all.
iīm not sure it would be feasible anyway, itīs a vEEEry big file!
thanks again Smile

14 Sep 2010     

United States

Hello Perma,
I realize I don īt have many points so maybe my opinion doesn īt hold much weight.  However, is it possible to upload your work without the actual comic strip and just give a link to the comic strip (that is if it īs available online)?  I think one user sort of suggested this already.  This wouldn īt seem to be breaking any copyright laws since you wouldn īt have the actual comic strip on the worksheet.  That way you can get some points and we and our students can benefit from your hard work!
Just a thought,
Deb :)

15 Sep 2010     


Hi Deb!
can īt do that! the comic is scanned and I don īt think you can find it anywhere on the web for your students. Legally at least! 
If you are particularly interested you can pm me your email and i īll try to send it to you. I say "I īll try" because my email provider also has some size limitations and I think the file exceeds them. 

15 Sep 2010