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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > What is the correct rule about copying works froms esl materia?    

What is the correct rule about copying works froms esl materia?


What is the correct rule about copying works froms esl materia?
Hi everyone! I want to know what are the rules against copying works from esl resources? Are we allowed to copy them if the mention them, even if we do not include our own production? Thanks!

15 Sep 2010      

Olindalima ( F )

hi Claudia
Would you please have a look all around the home page

Check this, top of the page
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This is kind of our bible, read it first and then, if you have any doubts/troubles, ask for any specif help.

16 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Basically all eslpages and esl books do not allow to copy/recycle their texts, stories, exercises, pictures etc.
The base of your work may be: a text from internet - from non-esl webpage - abridged / rewritten by you (+ source stated in your ws), or your own text written from the scratch + additional original exercises

Pictures - you may use free clipart (see bookmarks

Search our favourite bookmarks!

Search for:

60 Clipart webpages:

There mustnīt be any copyright marks / watermarks on the pics. You may even use colouring pages,  your own miniphotos, scanned drawings or drawings made in WordArt.
Exercises - original exercises - eg: fill-in sentences written by you, scrabled words, crossword, wordsearch, vocabulary with missing vowels, matching exercises (vocabulary, divided sentences)... Comprehension questions, follow up games and suggestions to your teacher colleagues...
All the exercises should be an original work written by you...

Moderators are fair and strict, if you copy sentences from some esl web, textbook or grammar-book, some moderators may know the source and they will report your ws.

Google books allow us to search the contents of many textbooks, so if a moderator seach for one sentence, s/he will find the source of the copied worksheet/copied exercise in few seconds... There are special search websites for educators to fight against plagiarism. Again this is very powerful and fast tool...

I hope it īs clear. The rules are easy - no cheating, no copying... Inspiration is ok, copying is not ok.

16 Sep 2010     


No, you arenīt. You may adapt a text from a book though and then add "your own" questions but you cannot take exercises from books even if you cite the source. 

16 Sep 2010     


Your are very clear! Thanks

16 Sep 2010