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ESL forum > Ask for help > Tourism doubts    

Tourism doubts


Tourism doubts
Hello, dear colleagues.
Please I need your help.
Who is in charge of the laundy room in a hotel?
a chambermaid.    Is it correct?
a  counter is an occupation?  I am not sure.
A counter works in a travel agency.
please, do you know a webpage where I can find  information about the types of tourism, rating of restaurants ( 1 fork restaurant, 2fork, 3 fork, 4 fork, 5 fork), rating of hotels ( 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and 7 star hotel), rating of bars, types of restaurants ( take away, fast food, buffet).
could be webpages or worksheets or youtube videos etc etc.


What is the meaning of DE-LUXE DOUBLE ROOM?
MEANS a luxurious room         Is it correct?   I think that DE LUXE  is French but I am not sure.
A COMMISSIONAIRE = A PORTER     Is it correct?
Can I say DUVET blanket?  Duvet is a material right? Duvet is a French word but I am not sure.
I am very greatful for your help in advance.
thanks for being so generous.
God bless you.
take care.

24 Sep 2010      


A chambermaid is the person who tidies up the hotel rooms, makes the beds, etc.
I actually don t know what you call the person who is in charge of the laundry service... I do know that the department is called Housekeeping (employs chambermaids). - Please check your inbox; I m sending you more info there. Plus you ve got some wonderful worksheets here which cover the key vocabulary you re asking about.
A counter could never be used to describe a person; but people do work behind a counter (= a worktop).  Perhaps you meant a clerk ? An agent works in a travel agency.
You were right about de luxe .
Duvet is the cover itself; the one filled with feathers or something else; the one that keeps us warm in winter :) There s a duvet cover which you put over a duvet . Any clearer?
A blanket is a blanket :)
Hope this helps, hope others will help you with the laundry-people...

24 Sep 2010     


Try these ones created by our fellow-users Clap

24 Sep 2010     


TeacherLada is correct. There is no title (that I know of anyways) for a person in charge of the laundry room.

Maybe you could make up a title like "Manager in charge of Laundering Facilities" Wink

A duvet is a Nordic type blanket; so I would just use it as you would use the word "blanket".

Here Mr. Brown is the duvet you requested. // There is a duvet in the closet if you get cold.

People that work behind a counter are "sales people/assistants", "counter attendants" (fast food type thing), etc.



24 Sep 2010     


Here is a link to a very helpful three way pelmanism which describes to duty and names the job and a pcture to help ss to visualise the person. Hope its helpful.

24 Sep 2010     

United Kingdom

A person who is in charge of a laundry room is called a linen keeper.
a counter used to be employed by an accountant before the event of calculators and automatic adding systems Counters were also employed by bookmakers in the gambling industry.
http://www.zagat.com/ for rating restaurants
http://www.tripadvisor.com/ for rating hotels
A Commisionaire is usually the head porter
blanket material cover for a bed
Duvet is another term for a quilt
hope this helps

24 Sep 2010