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ESL forum > Ask for help > I would like to download quite a few things    

I would like to download quite a few things


I would like to download quite a few things
Dear colleagues,
I am a new entry and I am contributing daily to the site, but as you know I can just send one printable per day. As I have visited the movie section and I am interested in quite a few worksheets on some movies, I kindly ask you to have a look at my printables and, hoping you find them useful,  download them, so that I get points and can go on downloading. Thank you for helping me!

25 Sep 2010      


Hi marythankyou
First of all... welcome!!
I think you can send three contributions a day (printables and/or powerpoints)...

25 Sep 2010     


Hi marythankyou! WELCSmileME to this wonderful site! Although we can īt advertise our worksheets in the forum, I understand that as a newcomer you īre eager to be able to download the fantastic work available on the site. Check your points. I believe you īll be able to do so now. Wink 
Have a nice weekend!
P.S. Mourisca, as a new member, marythankyou can only send a printable a day.

25 Sep 2010     


You mustn īt advertise your worksheets on the forum!

25 Sep 2010     

United States

Welcome to this wonderful site.
If you read the rules first - it īll be a lot easier for you.
You would have seen that you can upload 3 worksheets a day.
You will also read that we don īt advertise our things on the
message board because if everyone did it - we īd have no
room for messages at all.

When you reach 30 points you can download
30 of the recent contributions, everyday, without losing points.
It īs only when you download the older materials - that is costs you a point.

Good luck

25 Sep 2010     

miesies muis

A few weeeks back I was also new and found it frustrating, but I thought of worksheets etc. that I felt lots of people would down load. Put more colour in, make it interesting. If it catches the eye, it will be down loaded. Read the comments that people give you, someone asked me for a specific worksheet, that I then created and lots of people down loaded it.

Hope this helps!

25 Sep 2010     


Dear Mary
You will see that you have 30 points now... you can download 30 new worksheets every day and you can submit 3 new worksheets daily...good luck....and enjoy this great site with great people, people that is always helpful....to those that always tell new members read the rules and bla, bla bla.... I am pretty sure they do read the rules, but I can understand new member īs frustration. We all use this forum to better our teaching material and skills, new members don īt always have all the skills to make wonderful worksheets. One only learn by trail and error. In the beginning it is not easy to get the points one need to start downloading. So if new members ask for a little help....why not?
Mary I downloaded all your worksheets and I hope more members will help you to get more points.

25 Sep 2010     


Well, I am really grateful and touched by all your kindness and sympathy. I feel ashamed for not respecting the rules and so happy sor all the support i have had and for advice too!
Thank you Anny!

25 Sep 2010