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ESL forum > Ask for help > Taking students to Guernsey (Channel Island)    

Taking students to Guernsey (Channel Island)


Taking students to Guernsey (Channel Island)
Hello! I īm trying to take 2 classes of students to Guernsey, so as to visit Victor Hugo īs house. The problem is we need to spend one night there and there seems to be only 3 star-hotels on the island. The prices I īve had so far are too expensive. I īd like to know if any teacher has already been on Guernsey with students. Do you know of any place where I could stay with my 50-ish students?

25 Sep 2010      

United Kingdom

you may wnat to try this site
good luck

25 Sep 2010     


Hi! I īve taken kids to the Channel islands many times, & we always took tents & went to campsites. ( Better go in the spring time!!!) As I/we live very near Guernsey, I always organized one-day-trips, so I do not know about accomodation! How about camping ??? It īs lots of fun - & work!!! LOL As your name is Missbrittany, I guess you īre not very far, are you ???Wink

Hugs from near-by Normandy!


25 Sep 2010