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Ordinal numbers


Ordinal numbers
Hello dear teachers!
Do you know any game to work on ordinal numbers? Thnx in advance and great weekend

26 Sep 2010      


I know the perfect one! My students love it and it get them out of their seats whilst learning at the same time.  Try the hotel of terror! .....
On your board write a large grid of around 6 x 6 squares.  This represents the rooms and floors of the hotel. I write ordinal numbers in each square and outside of the grid I write on one side ordinal numbers from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th representing each floor of the hotel.  (Going up the grid so the first line at the bottom of the board is 1st, the next line up of the grid is 2nd etc) Choose a student to be the receptionist (it can also help to improve vocabulary and telephone conversation!) and another one to be in their room.  The student in their room has to call the receptionist with a problem in their room.  This tends to provide a lot of fun as my students have some wild imaginations ranging from my mum has just been sick on the bed, their is a bat in the bathroom, I had an all night party and smashed the window, the bed is on fire!, etc.  The receptionist has to ask what floor and what room they are in.  So maybe the student says 6th room, 4th floor.  The other students in the room have to run to the board and touch the correct part of the grid.  I generally split the students into two groups and only have one person from each group running as otherwise it is like a stampede! lol  My students LOVE this game and two years later now some are in the 6th grade elementary they still talk about it and ask to play the Hotel of Terror!!!  I tend pick one student from each team to be the receptionist and guest and then make them take it in turns.  When they are used to the game I change the numbers on the grid for higher ones and they are more random on the board so they have to look harder ... for example the 1st floor might have rooms 14, 18, 13, 21, 30,40 and the 2nd floor 14, 25, 30, 18, 40, 15 ... play around with the game and see what works for you!  

Hope this helps and you have fun. 

26 Sep 2010     


That sounds great fun Thumbs Up

26 Sep 2010