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I need your help, please!


I need your help, please!
Hi everybody,
I will start teaching English to an adult, absolut beginner student who wants to learn it for travelling. Which approaches, methods and techniques do you use in Survival English lessons? How do you apply them in one-to-one classes effectively?
I hope you can help me!
Thank you very much in advance

28 Sep 2010      

manonski (f)

Elinita, the forum is a public place where the common language is English. I am interested in the answers of this thread but I don īt speak Spanish. 

28 Sep 2010     


oook! Sorry, finally I broke the rules...

What I said was that he(she has to create the situation I mean: you are for example a taxi driver, and your classmate is the client ...first you have to give them the basic vocabulary and then when they know more or less that vocabulary, you create that situations ..in a restaurant, in an airport...

SORRY for talking in spanish! I am gonna remove my post :S

28 Sep 2010     

manonski (f)

Thank you! It īs appreciated

28 Sep 2010     


I teach vocabulary first, using flash cards, internet (google images), games, drills, brainstorming, etc I use TPR, for example, pick up the shirt, point to the fork, etc.
Next, I use dialogues, role plays, boardgames, erasing the sentence, etc Anyway, since it īs a very broad topic, pls feel free to contact me for further questions.

28 Sep 2010     

United Kingdom

I think bogglesworld had something interesting for this.
Im sure you will find a book on englishtips.org too.

I do - the verb to be
I am Joe Bloggs.  I am from Vigo in Spain.  My phone number is 22132212.
numbers, dates, countries, nationalities, presenting colleagues, time, transport, easy emails eg arranging a  meeting

I have posted some beginners worksheets which I have used in business one-to-one.

Most important - get you student speakĄng in the classes, he or she can do exercises at home.

28 Sep 2010