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english club


english club

hi colleagues,

 Could you please give me creative ideas to do in an english club?or sth you have tried in yours before.


3 Oct 2010      


I have an English club,too.There are some enjoying activities such as;

1-8.sınıflar İngilizce bilgi yarışması

2-İngilizce dialoglar ve kamera çekimleri

3-Slayt hazırlama ve sunumu

4-mektup arkadaşlığı

5-Belediye başkanı ile röportaj

6-VCD odasının kullanımı

7-Bilgisayar odasında internete girip İngilizce sitelerde gezinme

8-Duvar panoları hazırlama

9-4.Sınıflar İngilizce bilgi yarışması

10-İngilizce hikaye kitapları okunması ve okul kütüphanesinde İngilizce köşe oluşturup kitap bağışı sağlanması

11-5.sınıflara etüt

12-4.sınıflara etüt

13-2.sınıflara İngilizce dersleri

14-Okulun her yerine uyarı afişleri asma (must-musn’t)

15-İngilizce çeviri çalışmaları

16-Kendimizi İngilizce tanıtıp kameraya çekip TV’den izleme

17-MSN’de öğrencilerle İngilizce yazışma

18-Tekerleme ve şiirler ezberleme

19-Yapılan çalışmaları bir kitapçıkta toplama

20-19Mayıs’ta Atatürk ile ilgili slayt hazırlayıp tüm okula sunumu

21-Okulun son haftası İngilizce orijinal Türkçe alt yazılı film izlenmesi


3 Oct 2010     


can you please these ideas in english

3 Oct 2010     


Let me add a few activities to the above list:

22. Lettem the studetski sepeaki ve strudelns ims nasen
23. Smurfarlo al improvisatori del calamarati
24. Beatiche boyadori ne hittiche gamine
25. Introdukatito kap jestramngeiro spusatili

Hope this helped. Knock-knock.

3 Oct 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

You never stop amazing me!!!!!!!!!!

Had no idea you could speak all these foreign languages.

I can spy with my little eye, you have learnt this in Neverland, right?

Have a nice Sunday.

3 Oct 2010     


Linda, Your smiley pretty much captured how I felt after reading Philip ´s post!!
thank you Philip for making me laugh after a way too long staff meeting at the school on my free day!
sorry for having a laugh at your expense. Your answer would probably be very interesting for many people here so please change it into English, the forum is for all of us and English is the language that connects us.
In those cases where you would feel more comfortable responding in Turkish to a Turkish collegue (nothing wrong with that) please use the Private Messager (PM). That way it doesn ´t show up on the forum where the majority of members can ´t read it....
In case you don´t know, you can send a PM by clicking on the little envelope under a person´s flag.

3 Oct 2010     


 You are definitely right ayshen could have sent a PM, but I am sure she wasn ´t aiming to amaze or make you laugh!Actually it is a pity to see teachers having difficulty with showing empathy instead they prefer to mock.. this is the only amazing thing here! I wonder ıf you mock your students when they make mistakes...As you said before , this is the forum where the majority of members are here to ask for help not to mock or judge..ıf you are not trying to help..please dont post a reply...

3 Oct 2010     

Tus Patel

Ayshen please save me i feel myself Martian.. 

30 Apr 2012     


please,ayshen86 could translate that into English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Apr 2012