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ESL forum > Ask for help > FCE - 1 year course or more to prep students?    

FCE - 1 year course or more to prep students?

United Kingdom

FCE - 1 year course or more to prep students?
Hi Everyone

Those of you who work in schools, how do you organise FCE tuition? What I mean is do you tell students that after completing their upper intermediate course they should do a year īs FCE course to prepare for the exam?

I once worked in a school that had the students doing generally 2 years at FCE level before entering them. Was that to cover their bases, or were they just being more realistic in that īs how long students typically need to get ready (or more money-grabbing?!!)?

I īd love to hear your thoughts on this issue.


And Happy Monday!


4 Oct 2010      


hi! it depends on the level of your students. Bare in mind that perhaps they need more practice on FCE exercises... i would tell them to attend one more year after their upper course. Actually i have donde this and i find it really useful

4 Oct 2010     


Hi colibrita,
I usually work together with an upper intermediate book AND a fce coursebook. The first one to keep learning, of course, and the second because not only do they learn the different skills but also start to get familiar with fce format . After that, we just work with past papers to check their level, whether or not they are ready to take and also time their mock exams.
I īd say two years is just about what it takes for me to get them ready.
A hug!

4 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!

Hugs from Barcelona

4 Oct 2010