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Word of the Day Winner


Word of the Day Winner
Pulchritudinous : Having physical beauty. [literary or humorous]
(not one to use with your beloved LOL)
Word of the Day Winner       PULCHRITUDINOUS
So many wonderful answers to choose from!
Best anagram: Ludicrous hip turn

Pul-chrit-tud-in-ous = pool grit chewed in us.  (Some real ´groaners ´ in this explanation - very punny indeed)

A very clean dinosaur!

we are all beautiful  - very close to the actual meaning
after much deliberation ..........the winner is:     Mariethe House    Clap    Congratulations!
Here is the explanation:
Pulch: from Pulchinella, the Italian form of the French Polichinelle:

ritu: from ritual :   ritual noun

Click to hear the UK pronunciation of this wordClick to hear the US pronunciation of this word/ˈrɪt.ju.əl//ˈrɪtʃ.u-/ n [C or U]
a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony

Dinous : short form of "libidinous"    libidinous adjectiveClick to hear the UK pronunciation of this wordClick to hear the US pronunciation of this word/lɪˈbɪd.ɪ.nəs/ adj formal

having or showing strong sexual desires

So my definition: pulchritudinous behaving like a sexually driven puppet in strange rituals  that take place every year on October 31st! So waaaaaaaaaaaatch it!

12 Oct 2010      

Mariethe House

Oh dear !! Thank you so much Apodo! What a heavy responsability you are giving me!! Well I ´ll try my best !Thank You

12 Oct 2010