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correction vocabulary


correction vocabulary

What is this poor teacher doing? I ´m looking for the correct British and American expressions.
Correcting - tests
Marking - papers
Correcting - papers
Marking - test
- or any other expressions?
Do I say I have lots of tests to correct? Or lots of papers to mark?
And how about exam papers?

And do you say "to mark a mistake"?

17 Oct 2010      

manonski (f)

May I add other possibilities? Wink
Drowning in paper?
Trying to survive?
Burning out?
Looking for an eslprintables paper she forgot to classify properly?
Calling for help?
Wishing summer holidays were here?
Wondering why the Censored she chose to be a teacher?

17 Oct 2010     

United States

Hello elderberrywine,

In response to your question about the proper wording:
In America we would say "Marking papers" or "Grading papers" or "Grading tests." For exams we would also say "Grading exams."

Marking typically refers to writing assignments, when you would "mark" the mistakes such as spelling and grammar, or make comments on writing style. Grading usually refers to technical tests, things that have only correct or incorrect answers and are therefore given a purely mathematical grade (i.e. 98%).

Hope this helps!

17 Oct 2010     


thank you very much arlissa, that was indeed very helpful. I ´ll now wait for sb to explain the British English version.
Liked your additions a lot, manonski!

17 Oct 2010     

United Kingdom

Hi elderberrywine,
From my teaching experience in the UK,  we don ´t use the word ´grading ´.  We would say:
I ´m marking (or correcting) tests/assignments/homework(s).
We also say ´I ´m marking exam papers ´ and children would ask ´Have you marked my paper yet, miss? ´ with reference to an exam, but ordinary homeworks or assignments aren ´t referred to as ´papers ´.
Edit: to correct a mistake, though you could say to a pupil, ´I´ve marked your mistakes in that piece or writing.   Now go and do your corrections.´

17 Oct 2010