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classroom magazine


classroom magazine

Iam about to make a classroom magazine for my Ss ,i want some ideas bec i don t know how to start and if u have some , send them to me and thanks alotSmile

17 Oct 2010      


Hello it seem a good idea. This magazine can be not very big and you can give them entertainments, new from the school like birthdays and others.
also you can give some easy english recipe.
I hope it works

17 Oct 2010     

United States

If the students are advanced enough, you might even encourage your students to submit stories for your magazine. I don t know what educational policies are like in Bahrain, but if you can, give them extra credit for submitting stories. If this is going to be an ongoing newsletter rather than a one-shot magazine, you might do the first one yourself to give them an example, then "wind them up and let them go," as we say in American English. (It s a reference to an old-fashioned top, the toy.) 

If your students are less advanced, have them come up with ideas for the magazine and help them write the articles. Make them do as much of the work as possible. There are several reasons: it gives the students ownership of the magazine, it gives the students intrinsically interesting subjects to write about, and it takes the whole burden off of you.

If you have a student who is good at drawing, you might have a cartoon or comic strip for your magazine. Another possible idea is an advice column, where students describe problems and either you or another student gives advice.

I hope this helps as well.

17 Oct 2010     


Maybe you can do a section of famous people.

17 Oct 2010     

Czech Republic

As far as I remember from the time when I was a secondary school student and we had a magazine as well as i can see it now when I am a teacher and can observe some attempts to have a magazine at our school what the students have been most interested in are the school events and up-to-date information and TEACHERS:-) I remember us interviewing our teachers and putting the interviews into our magazines and it was really great. But of course this is definitely limited by your students age.

17 Oct 2010     


thanks alot for all your ideasTongue

18 Oct 2010